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Dulux Trade Colour Schemer

Landing_GetCreativeDescription # An easy tool for professionals to be inspired, create colour schemes and specifications for their projects, business & sector.

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Landing_HowItWorksTitle # HOW IT WORKS

Landing_HowItWorksLine1 # Select your sector and the outcome you want to achieve

Landing_HowItWorksLine2 # Dulux Trade has carefully chosen curated colour schemes by market sector tailored to meet the outcome you want to achieve when decorating your space.

Landing_HowItWorksLine3 # Choose colour schemes you like and create your designs

Landing_HowItWorksLine4 # Simply chose the colours schemes you want in your space to bring your designs to life.

Landing_HowItWorksLine5 # Get an A3 moodboard printed and delivered to your doorstep

Landing_HowItWorksLine6 # Our colour accurate printing allows you to share your professional designs with colleagues or building users. *
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Landing_FeaturesTitle # FEATURES

Landing_FeaturesLine1 # Core colour

Landing_FeaturesLine2 # Select schemes that compliment the colour of your flooring or pre-finished items.

Landing_FeaturesLine3 # Multiple areas

Landing_FeaturesLine4 # Create designs for all of the spaces in your building in one session.

Landing_FeaturesLine5 # Share designs

Landing_FeaturesLine6 # Share with colleagues or building users across a number of platforms.
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Landing_DesignsTitle # DESIGNS

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Landing_WhyRegisterTitle # WHY REGISTER?

Landing_WhyRegisterLine1 # Why register with this site, what are the benefits?

Landing_WhyRegisterLine2 # When you register online with Dulux Trade Colour Schemer, you'll get instant access to a range of benefits:
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine3 # All your projects are saved for easy access meaning you can edit, delete your saved designs or create a new one.
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine4 # Your contact details are saved so you don’t have to re-enter them the next time you create a design.
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine5 # You can request colour accurate colour schemes direct from Dulux Trade to share with your colleagues, clients or tenants
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine6 # Register to receive emails from us including “In the Know” our regular newsletter containing best practices, industry news and inspirations for your next project.
Landing_WhyRegisterLine7 # We won't share your contact details with anyone else and you can opt out of our email services at any time.

Landing_WhyRegisterLine8 # Can I use Dulux Trade Colour Schemer without registering?

Landing_WhyRegisterLine9 # Yes, you can use this website to create colour schemes without registering however you will need to register to receive colour accurate professional prints.

Landing_WhyRegisterLine10 # What information do I need to give you to register?

  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine11 # Email address and password
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine12 # Your name, address and postcode
  • Landing_WhyRegisterLine13 # Contact telephone number
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Landing_WantToKnowMoreTitle # WANT TO KNOW MORE?

Landing_WantToKnowMoreLine1 # Product information

Landing_WantToKnowMoreLine2 # Find out more information about all our products.

Landing_WantToKnowMoreDuluxLink # Dulux Trade Paint Expert

Landing_WantToKnowMoreLine3 # Colours

Landing_WantToKnowMoreLine4 # Our colour palette features our most comprehensive range of colours. Whatever the job, you're sure to find just what you need in no time.

Landing_WantToKnowMoreColourPaletteLink # Colour Palette
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